Metal Game Fish Art and Sculpture


Stylized and distinctive sculptural representations of salt and freshwater gamefish & aquatic life. Each sleek and sexy sculpture begins with an idea, and a sheet of aluminum. Next, it’s laid out, plasma cut and hand-finished to create a stunning piece of original art for your home or business.

Pierced Metal Art

The pierced and hand-formed cut metal casts dramatic shadows, giving these works a dynamic sense of movement. The kinetic, velvety texture achieved by hand-burnishing the aluminum produces a holographic effect that dances with the light. Each sculpture captures the distinctive markings and musculature of the illustrated species. Although the pieces are uniquely stylized, they remain faithful to the fish’s characteristics.

  • Individual Sculptures - dazzling interpretations of sportfish from the flats, nearshore, & blue water, or rivers, lakes & streams.
  • Vignettes - shimmering, dimensional wall art. Hand-formed natural scenes cut from a single sheet of aluminum.

This specialized body of work appeals to anglers, sportdivers, and naturalists. Whether you’re an individual collector, or an owner wanting to establish a themed identity for your marina, diving resort, restaurant or establishment, Fishbone Design will help you add some sizzle with a one-of-a-kind look in a copycat market.

All sculptures are made to order and are non refundable.